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Amish Built Structures - Outdoor Furniture
Gazebos, Swing Sets, Sheds, Play Houses
Lawn Furniture, Cabins, Chairs, Windmills, Arbors

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Amish Custom Built Quality Workmanship

Chairs: Rockers, Lounge, Gliders, Custom

¤ We Can Deliver & Set-Up.    ¤ Prices: Base Price + Options + Taxes

¤ Types of  Material: Wood, Plastic     ¤ Wood Swings can be Custom Stained
Chairs: Single or Double Seated

Wood is kiln-dried. Stain Sealer Applied. 

Plastic is Heavy Quality and Comes in a Varity of Colors.

Wagon Wheel Chairs
  Wagon Wheel - Wood

   Click to Enlarge View

Chair Glider
  A. Glider Chair - Wood, Cyprus
   Click to Enlarge View A  Untreated
   Click to Enlarge View B  Stained

Plastic Rocking Chair 
 Rocking Chair - Plastic

  Click to Enlarge View

  Colors: White, Brown
           Burgundy, Green

Plastic  Love Chair
  Love Chair 1 - Plastic

   Click to View:
     White Chair   Brown Chair

     Green Chair   Burgundy Chair  

Plastic  Lounge Chair 
 Lounge Chair 1 - Plastic

  Click Below to Enlarge:
  White Chair   Green Chair
  Brown Chair   Gray Chair

  Burgundy Chair  Blue Chair